America’s Sheriff Talks Enslavement But Not As You Might Think


louisville monument

Sheriff Clarke came out in strong support of a confederate monument about to be destroyed. The story has been retweeted more than 300 times.

“Separating people from their history is the second step to enslavement after first disarming them,” Clarke wrote.

Sheriff Clarke

This statue is on the national historic register and it commemorates soldiers who died – sons of Kentucky.

One professor of Pan-African studies at Louisville university wrote an article complaining about a 70-foot tall, 120-year old monument dedicated to the Sons of Confederate Veterans which is capped with a statue of Jefferson Davis.

This article caused the Louisville mayor and the university president to move the statue from near the campus. It’s been a source of contention for a while.

University President James Ramsey and Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said on Friday,  “It’s time for us to move this monument to a more appropriate place.”

The statue is history and it is a beautiful structure donated by the Kentucky Woman’s Monument Association. The statue doesn’t have a home so they will just stick it in storage for now where it will serve as a reminder of how we got to our ultimate end when our country is completely lost to statism and cultural Marxism.

A Kentucky judge has ordered a temporary restraining order. A GOP congressional candidate went to court to block the move.

The statue is being removed to satisfy the multicultural, inclusive, PC Marxists. They are inclusive of everything they agree with. The normal, traditional American has been so demonized that they are the counter-culture on college campuses.

The left is criticizing the website it came from but that is irrelevant. It’s about this story.

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  1. I believe all this hillbilly monument sit should be used as fill for large holes. You say it is a reminder of history. Bullsh-t ! To me it’s nothing but a reminder of time of Evil ! Evil against brother’s and sister’s of a darker hue of skin. Some say it’s ignorance, that is a lie ! It is the work of the prince of this world. I am ashamed to be light skinned, I never ever desire to be classified as Caucasian, never ever call me white ! What kind of human sees skin color instead of seeing another of GOD’S human creation. I’m so thankful I was a minority in my early school day’s in Michigan, also raised by a ‘interracial couple I love
    More than words. As a hehealthcare provider I’m a witness all our blood is red ! No matter your shade. If you see a humans color and you’re mind sees less of a person in this the 21st century you are not just racist, you are of your master SATIN ! Tear down all the Jonny reb crap, learn from that satanic history and move to reality street you racist F-cks !

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