An Open Letter to Donald Trump



Dear Mr. Trump:

So you’ve excited and inspired American voters to head out to the polls and cast their votes for you. You are at the center of the greatest political conflict this country has experienced since Revolutionary times. Some even believe the success of your campaign represents the second American Revolution.

But who is the real Mr. Trump? Are you truly a conservative bulldozer committed to subverting a very corrupt, insular political system and re-establish American exceptionalism and Constitutional values? Or are you just a billionaire crony capitalist who is having fun toying with an establishment that you have both backed and benefited from? Frankly, Mr. Trump, the American public is tired of being jerked around and I doubt our nation can survive another charlatan who can simply go back to sitting home counting their money if it all goes very, very wrong. We the People pay the price for government folly, not you, not the GOP establishment, not the Democrats. So please, Mr. Trump, you need to be the real deal.

As a therapist, I teach my patients to be conscious observers of those around them and if the words and behavior do not match, trust the behavior. In short, actions speak louder than words. Historically, you have backed liberal policy. I have yet to observe you defending the Constitution. I have yet to hear your plan. And while I am eager to find an alternative to the business-as-usual doings by the Beltway establishment, I have no stomach for the vitriol we are literally suffering as a nation.

I have dedicated a career to helping people of all ages to learn the fine art of appropriate conflict resolution. When you engage in childish name-calling and acrimonious exchanges, you send a message to the public that they can say and do whatever they please without regard for the consequences. This follow-the-leader behavior has been reflected in virulent communications between the closest of friends as well as complete strangers on social media; it needs to stop before it finds a permanent home in our culture. The public is now embracing an ugliness that defies description. You are in a position to fix that.

Admittedly, this side show has been quite entertaining. You have threatened the establishment and the powers that be are scrambling to regain a foothold. Nobody likes a shakeup more than me. You have also pushed sleeping voters onto their feet and out to the polls. Bravo! But an election where I have to choose the candidate that I think will do the least amount of damage does not amuse me. The American public does not deserve to be conned by a Pied Piper who will clear the city of all rats only to take our nation’s future down with them.

So please, Mr. Trump, millions of people will very likely be putting the future of this country in your hands. Please treat that sacred trust with the integrity and respect it deserves. I hope and pray you are who you say you are.

Copyright 2016 Mary Calamia