An Overlooked, Critical 8/31/16 Trump/Clinton Comparison


On Wednesday of this week Hillary Clinton made a scheduled appearance in Cincinnati, Ohio. She gave a 38 minute, typical Hill talk before the American Legion.   We subsequently learned that our former Secretary of State had passed on accepting an invitation from Mexican President Pena Nieto.

On the same day, Donald Trump, with 24 hours notice, accepted that president’s invite and flew down to Mexico City for a lengthy diplomatic-like sit down and follow up press conference. The latter lasted longer than Hill’s entire speech. From that virtually unprecedented, last minute trip, Mr. Trump headed north to speak to a highly charged room full of supporters.

Because it was billed as a clarification of Donald’s immigration policy, his Phoenix rally was mightily anticipated, and certain to be widely covered,. Trump spoke, interrupted only by raucous applause, for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. He then waded into the crowd to shake hands and exchange high fives before taking his leave. It marked the end of a very long, pressure packed day, filled with risk and uncertainty.

This little piece isn’t aimed at rating the specifics of either candidates’ 8/31/16 public appearances. The article was sparked when Trump, then in Arizona, questioned Hillary Clinton’s stamina.

It caused us to reflect on each nominee’s individual day. Hillary continued her pattern of carefully managed, mostly scripted limited engagements. Meanwhile Donald, seeing an historic opportunity, quickly agreed to meet with a world leader who’d been highly critical of him, before crossing back over the border to deliver a long awaited address.

Two people who are applying for what is likely the most demanding, stress filled job in the world, had two very different Wednesdays.   Hillary Clinton, except for a brief period, remained in her campaign shell, while Donald Trump was spending what appeared to be almost every waking hour quickly moving from one substantively important event to another.

The comparison is startling. Far from it being a unique 24 hours in the lives of Trump and Clinton, this kind of scheduling has become standard fare for both. As The Donald spends week after week robustly bounding from venue to venue, Hillary, except for big donors and carefully selected media, is barely available.

It causes one to wonder if Mrs. Clinton has the vigor to manage the kind of unending pressurized, uncertain workdays, that come with the Presidency of the United States. If Wednesday, August 31, 2016 was any indication, she doesn’t. Trump on the other hand passes, at least this test, with flying colors.

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  1. We know that the left sees this exactly the same way, and they are “Fuming”!!! We won’t hear about it but we know that they are in “panic mode”!

  2. How DARE YOU!!!

    I’m tired of being smeared by the vast Right-Wing Cons conspir conspira err.. uhh… PLOT!! I have to go now and hammer a few of my Blackberries before the FBI gets here again!!

    HUMA!!! WHERE IS THAT DIAZAPAM SPRAY FOR MY THROAT?!?!?!? Just tell the Press that I can’t talk to to them because I’m HAVING A BATHROOM BREAK!!!!


  3. As I have just had an opportunity to read this article, I think the subsequent results have proved Mr. Soviero’s assessment to be spot on. With the recent “fainting” of Mrs. Clinton on 9/11, we see that she is, indeed, not fit to serve as Commander-in-Chief of these great United States. We should be looking more closely at her V.P. choice, rather than Hillary herself. Because, should she fall ill during her term as President, Mr. Kaine will be running the country and his political record is woeful, at best. Generally, not much scrutiny is given to the running mate of a presidential candidate, but one may consider a little deeper look into Mr. Kaine’s politics given the fact that Mrs. Clinton, if elected, is in such poor health. I would like to see a little more fact based articles written about Kaine and what we could expect if he were sitting in the Oval Office.

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