And the Lifetime Achievement Award Goes to Hanoi Jane! Ugh!


The film institute will honor Hanoi Jane aka Jane Fonda with a lifetime achievement award according to the Examiner. It is being hyped as filmdom’s highest award.

It’s not being given for her work as a traitor during the Vietnam War or for her hate America rallies and her far-left anti-American activities. That would be a different award, say, like a firing squad.

[I’m kidding, kidding!]

Giving her this award ranks up there with Vladimir Putin’s Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

She will receive her award at a gala event on June 5th in LA.

She is being touted as an icon, film royalty, blah blah blah, but she’ll always be Hanoi Jane to me.

She visited Hanoi and praised the captors of our American soldiers. She called our military ‘war criminals’ and said Americans should not welcome the POWs home as heroes because ‘they are hypocrites and liars.’

Hanoi Jane recently played the part of Nancy Reagan in a movie that told a falsified account of Ronald Reagan’s relationship with his butler.

Some Vietnam Vets find it troublesome given her history and they called for a boycott of the movie. Hanoi Jane’s response to the vets was, “Get a life.”

I don’t need to write too much to explain why the vets are upset with Hanoi Jane. A couple photos and her own words are enough.

In this photo, Hanoi Jane applauds an NVA anti-aircraft gun crew. These guns were used to shoot down American planes and contributed to the deaths of American Airmen.


Hanoi Jane Appears to be Shooting Americans in this Viet Cong Propaganda photo:



To hear Jane, skip to 1:30. You’ll get to hear her praise the enemy who tortured our POW’s.