Anonymous Posting Names of ISIS Recruiters, Taking Down Sites



ISIS is in turmoil on social media as they try to protect their sites from the group Anonymous according to the Express UK.

The anarchists at Anonymous are now publishing the names of ISIS recruiters to the great chagrin of the militant terrorists. They are also destroying their accounts.

The panicked terror group has withdrawn one of its main websites onto the dark web, in a desperate bid to save it from a “revenge” attack after their horrific attack on Paris , according to a cyber-security expert.

Scott Terban said supporters of the destructive jhadi extremists are sharing the new web page’s address, which can only be accessed with special software.

They say they’ve taken 5500 Twitter sites down so far. Maybe the FBI could hire them.

Anonymous wants you to help and if you go to this page, they say you will get the tools you need to help.

Anonymous has declared war on ISIS and says they are better hackers.

ISIS has called them “idiots” for declaring war on them.

It’s a little sad when people have to root for Anonymous to do what our president won’t.

Source: Express UK