Arab Spring Turns into the Islamic Rising


photo from thenews, Artykul, protest in Yemen

The Islamic Rising was predictable to most but not to this administration which has followed a Carter-like policy of appeasement.

President Obama embraced the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and throughout the Middle East. he has invited terrorists to the White House. He thought he could find peace by “talking” to our enemies. He thought appeasement diplomacy was the answer.

He insisted that the freedom fighters and the Egyptian military include the Brotherhood in their new government. They did and now the Brotherhood has autocrat control over the country from the military to the media. The Copts and the Democrats have faded into anonymity.

Like Carter, who promoted the Iranian revolution, so has Obama promoted the Brotherhood over the moderate dictators. Why couldn’t he just stay out of it? He is staying out of Syria, perhaps it is because al-Qaeda has taken complete control of that revolution.

Libya is overrun with al-Qaeda and Salafis. The President has been trying to run the country democratically but its future is uncertain. In Libya, there were four dead and three wounded. All Americans have been told to leave the country.

President Obama said today that the U.S. would no longer consider the Egyptian government an ally but “we don’t consider them an enemy.”

Morsi, the truther, is a theocrat, a zealot with bizarre notions despite making money off capitalism and being educated in the United States. Morsi is in Brussels today denouncing the United States’ first amendment.

Obama said Egypt is trying to find its way and I hope he is right but I think it is clear how it is going. Obama said Morsi and his parliament were “democratically elected” and that is true but the people democratically voted for religious totalitarianism as they did in Gaza. We know how that has worked out in Gaza.

It’s fairly obvious to most by now that Morsi was complicit in the Egyptian attack on our Embassy. Obama said he did call Morsi to advise him about the need to protect our interests.

Protests continue in Cairo and they have turned violent throughout the last few days. Tear gas has held them back for now.

Protests are now erupting at U.S. Embassies in Sana’a and Yemen. Protests at U.S. Embassies in Morocco and the Sudan continue.

Allegedly the outrage is over the film or film trailer, “The Innocence of Muslims” also known as “The Prophet.” That, of course, is an excuse. Libyan officials today admitted that the attacks were timed with the 9/11 date.

Protesters circled the Embassy at Sana’a with multiple demonstrations and one breach that was thwarted by police.

In Yemen, the protesters were stopped by the government with tear gas as the breached the outside perimeter of the Embassy.

There have been no other injuries or deaths reported.

Much of what is going on is supported and promoted by Iran and they will soon have the nuclear bomb. They already have enough enriched uranium to make dirty bombs. They can use them or sell them.

The world will be a far more dangerous place if that does happen. The deadline for stopping them is drawing closer as Iran buries their nuclear facilities deeper into the earth.

Obama’s weakening of Israel and his constant apologizing to the world for all the the Unites States has done has sent the wrong message.

The extremists believe this is the time for them to rule the entire Middle East. The extremists are growing in numbers as they recruit people to fight the U.S. and Israel, their common enemies.

Obama’s doctrine, which is a policy of appeasement, is now collapsing on itself. He cannot community organize this though he has tried. There is a price we will now pay.

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