Barack Obama in Selma: “We Secure Our Rights and Responsibilities Through…Government”


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Barack Obama admitted today that we are endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights and then he said “we secure rights and responsibilities” through the government.

“For we were born of change. We broke the old aristocracies, declaring ourselves entitled not by bloodline, but endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights. We secure our rights and responsibilities through a system of self-government, of and by and for the people. That’s why we argue and fight with so much passion and conviction, because we know our efforts matter. We know America is what we make of it.”

What exactly does he believe?

Barack Obama really means he is the decision maker. If he believed the government is of by and for the people, he wouldn’t pass the amnesty that 75% of the people are against. He wouldn’t violate the Constitution, give agencies power over citizens, or rob states of their rights.

Obama wants to tax us with an executive order! We are losing our rights under this president.

Don’t believe what he says, believe what he does.

The left believes strongly that it is government that gives us our rights.

The right believes our God-given rights are protected by government. How much they are protected is a point of contention with Barack Obama.

Last November, Gov. Huckabee put it this way:

“…government can only serve as an entity to protect and preserve the God-given rights. But the rights come from God and not the government. The government can’t take them from us because the government did not give them in the first place.”

Barack Obama frequently says the United States is a social democracy though we are actually a Constitutional Republic. He knows we are a Republic.

A Constitutional Democracy is the big government welfare state we see in Europe in which the government doles out rights and takes them away.

Here is one of those instances in which he referred to us as a democracy:

It’s a familiar refrain from the Democratic far-left.

In a February interview on CNN with Judge Moore, Chris Cuomo said our rights come from the government:

“Our rights do not come from the Constitution, they come from God,” Mr. Moore said.

Mr. Cuomo’s reply:

“Our laws do not come from God and you know that,” he said. “They come from man. … Our rights do not come from God. That’s your faith, that’s my faith. But that’s not our country. Our laws come from the collective agreement and compromise.”

It’s not surprising that the Cuomo family thinks they have the power to tell us what our rights are. Calling it self-government is a fraud. A government big enough to give us our rights and responsibilities” has nothing to do with self-government.

How much government “secures our rights and responsibilities” is the problem with this administration.

What does Barack Obama think about our God-given rights when he tries to erode our right to bear arms, determines our healthcare choices for us and tells us what doctors we can have and what hospitals we can go to? Does he really believe we have rights or does he believe the government determines our rights when he invades our privacy, takes over our Internet, steals land, imposes harmful EPA regulations using unelected bureaucrats, and targets Americans using his big government agencies?


  1. Try doing what he does and see how well you do it! Any fool can criticize but few can exercise those criticisms! GOD raised him up and only GOD will allow him to come down. If you don’t like it, take it up on your knees partner!

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