Barack Obama, Writer Extraordinaire (Irony Here)


We can’t seem to get a copy of Barack Obama’s thesis or copies of any of his writings while at the Harvard Law Review, however, American Thinker has turned up a brief early writing of Obama’s while he was at Harvard. It’s very short, but it’s worth a look because it is so Obama.

Obama’s prose was prompted by a Mr. Jim Chen who previously criticized Harvard Law Review’s affirmative action policies, saying that affirmative action stigmatized its presumed beneficiaries.

In response to Mr. Chen’s comment, Obama wrote the following run-on rant:

I would therefore agree with the suggestion that in the future, our concern in this area ia [sic] most appropriately directed at any employer who would even insinuate that someone with Mr. Chen’s extraordinary record of academic success might be somehow unqualified for work in a corporate law firm, or that such success might be somehow undeserved. Such attributes speak less to the merits or problems of affirmative action policies, and more to the tragically deep-rooted ignorance and bias that exists in the legal community and our society at large.

 Barack Obama

President, Harvard Law Review
Published November 16, 1990

First of all, were you able to read it once and understand it? Secondly, maybe Obama took offense because he’s an affirmative action beneficiary?

His “extraordinary” sarcasm was meant to demean and disable Mr. Chen. How dare Mr. Chen have a differing opinion from Mr. Obama; Mr. Chen must be ignorant, of course. Then Obama gets to the point – Chen is a bigoted ignoramus who is representative of that which exists everywhere.

So Obama saw bigotry and ignorance everywhere, but he had all the right answers, even though he can’t put a sentence together. He hasn’t changed much.

This piece of Obama writing makes one wonder if he wrote The Audacity of Hope without a heck of a lot of help.

The American Thinker article is worth a look. The author goes into Michelle Obama’s questionable writing skills, and then says this about Obama’s: On the basis of his being elected president of Law Review — a popularity contest — Obama was awarded a six-figure contract to write a book.  To this point, he had not shown a hint of promise as a writer, but Simon & Schuster, like Sidley Austin, took the Harvard credential seriously.  It should not have.  For three years Obama floundered as badly as Michelle had at Sidley Austin.  Simon & Schuster finally pulled the contract.

I hope we pull his contract as President because he’s floundering badly.


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