Being Rude to Obama Means You’re A Racist



We have a new definition of racism, which is so broad that it includes rudeness (if you’re white). Calling out a question to Mr. Obama before he’s finished speaking is racist. We already knew that any disagreement with Obama by a conservative or republican meets the definition of racism.

Racism now means: If you are White, you are a racist. If you’re wife, children or friends are black, that is irrelevant, you are racist. If you disagree with Obama, who is 16/32nds black, you are a racist. White people are all racist. Hmmmm….doesn’t that stereotyping mean the stereotyper is racist?

A reporter for the Daily Caller, Neil Munro, shouted out to the President as he was explaining his directive to stop deportation of some illegals. Instead of waiting for Obama to finish, the reporter not only asked the question, he asked another. I call that rude, the reporter called it bad timing, and Sam Donaldson and Don Lemmon call it RACISM.

In reality, you are the racist if you have a stereotyping little brain which sees all white people as racists.

Sam Donaldson being rude. I guess he doesn’t like white people –

Sam Donaldson never liked Republicans. He was often nasty but nasty is okay if you are a Democrat. He used to go after Reagan endlessly –

Go on to youtube and google anti-whitey rap – there are lots of songs meeting that criteria – that’s okay apparently.

If you haven’t gone on to Newsbusted, you should check it out. Here’s one of their very funny videos –