Benghazi: White House Clearly Lied

What difference does it make?
What difference does it make?

photo of bloody hand grasp on consulate piling which was never explained

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The U.S. Special Forces Colonel who was in charge of security at the American facility in Benghazi immediately before the attack has completely refuted the White House’s key claims about the 9/11/12 attacks. It appears that the Obama Administration has clearly lied to the American people.

In a startling interview today on the Vernuccio/Allison Report, a New York radio show aired on WVOX, retired Army Special Forces Lt. Colonel Andrew Wood, who was the site security team commander in Libya from Feb. 12 to August 14 2012, just weeks before the 9/11/12 attack that resulted in the death of U.S. Ambassador Stevens, clearly stated that requests for additional security for United States facility in Benghazi before the attack were denied, and that in direct contradiction to repeated White House claims, American military forces could have been used to rescue U.S. personnel there.

Col. Wood requested that he and a group of his men remain at Benghazi prior to the attacks. That request was denied. The colonel’s request for his tour to be extended was also turned down. Without explanation, mobile security elements were also taken away.

According to Wood, “The security system we were given when we first entered the country was working but from the day we entered, though, the State Department seemed to want to alter or cut back on the security formula we had come up with. I was part of the military security that was there to enhance the security for the embassy, [along with] other security elements from the state department which were eventually removed. I couldn’t answer fully why…”

Asked why security was weakened, Col. Wood replied that “never to his understanding” was “there ever any reason why security was weakened at the facility. It left us defenseless, and I am at a loss to explain why…I could see with time how the [local extremists] were being trained to strike local interests.”

The colonel is with the organization Special Operations Speaks, which is calling for a special investigation similar to that which took place during Watergate to fully investigate the matter. He suggested that a joint committee of both House and Senate Members investigate the stonewalling that the White House and the State Department are engaging in.

Asked why the government has prevented Congress and the press from speaking with survivors of the attack. Col. Wood replied that “There are additional details that need to come forth…in classified hearings as well as in public hearings.”

Asked about the White House’s comments that a little-known video was the cause for the attack, Col. Wood replied that the Administration’s month-long insistence on blaming the almost totally unknown video for the assault indicated that “something just isn’t right…something went wrong….[either] its simple ineptness…or something went wrong and somebody is trying to cover it up…somebody may have been doing something they shouldn’t have been trying to do. ..the whole idea of the video as an excuse strikes me as somebody trying to cover something up as well…”

Asked why the U.S. didn’t use its substantial military assets in the region to rescue our Benghazi personnel, Col. Wood replied that “That will remain a mystery until we get more people to come forward and speak as to what happened and answer as to what happened…I know assets were available, I know I was able to access assets should something have gone wrong while I was there. I was told these assets were on standby…why they were not used during this event is just maddening to me…I can’t understand it, it left Americans in harm’ way. It leaves them to be destroyed by their enemies as other Americans stood by and watched, which is totally wrong and totally against anything we have ever done.”

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