Benjamin Netanyahu’s Speech to AIPAC

Benjamin Netanyahu at AIPAC, March 5th

…that’s Jerusalem, the eternal, united..Jerusalem..

~ Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu gave a strong and moving speech to AIPAC this evening in which he effectively dispelled the notion that Iran’s nuclear activities are for medical advancement. The strongest part of his speech came when he made clear his intent to protect his people – I will never let my people live in the shadow of annihilation. If Israel has to act alone, they will. They have the right to defend themselves.

[paraphrase of Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to AIPAC]

In a speech marked by humor and moving anecdotal stories, Netanyahu addressed the audience in a personal way, frequently expressing his appreciation for their support.

He called for support of the supporters of Israel and asked them to stand up for the representatives of the United States who stand up for Israel. Applause followed.

He said emphatically that Israel must always reserve the right to defend itself.

Netanyahu said he reads the papers each day to observe commentators conjecturing about what Israel will or might do. He said he never talks about that. His message tonight was not that, it was Iran must never be allowed to obtain a nuclear bomb.

He stated that President Obama will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons, all options are on the table and containment is definitely not an option. In this, both Israel and the United States are in agreement. A nuclear armed Iran must be stopped.

Iran’s claims are that they are using nuclear to advance medical science as they build intercontinental ballistic weapons, absorb sanctions, and hide their nuclear development deep in the ground.

When it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it’s a duck. Only, in this case it’s a nuclear duck and it’s time to call a duck a duck.

Some would have us accept a world with nuclear weapons. Responsible leaders should not believe that the world’s most dangerous regimes should have the most dangerous weapons.

I will never gamble with the security of the state of Israel.

The Ayatollah regime has flouted its own rules. It is the foremost sponsor of terrorism. Netanyahu elaborated about the many acts of Iranian terrorism throughout the world, including the murder of soldiers. He talked about Iran’s denial of the Holocaust, they call for the destruction of israel, and they work for this destruction every day. This is how they behave without weapons, how will they behave with nuclear weapons?

Stop talking about the cost of stopping Iran, it’s time to talk about the cost of not stopping Iran.

He further talked about the nuclear umbrella which will increase the terror, perhaps tenfold, because the terrorists in the region such as Hizbollah will be backed by a nuclear power. It will set off a race for other nations to acquire a nuclear bomb. They will be emboldened to attack Israel and the United States.

The best outcome would be if Iran abandoned their nuclear program peacefully. Diplomacy hasn’t worked. For six years, the sanctions have not worked. It has hurt Iran’s economy but it has not stopped them. None of us can afford to wait much longer. As PM of Israel, I will never let my people live in the shadow of annihilation.

Some commentators believe that stopping Iran and a military confrontation would undermine current efforts and evoke an ever more virulent reaction by Iran. He then read letters between the Jewish Congress and the U.S. which were exchanged in the 1940’s. The Jewish Congress at that time implored the U.S. to bomb Auschwitz.  The response by the U.S. was, among other reasons in their refusal to act, concern about the diversion of needed resources and furthermore that such an effort might provoke an even more vindictive action by the Germans – more vindictive than the Holcaust.

He emphasized that the U.S. is different now but so is the Jewish State. Never again will the Jewish people be powerless. 

Netanyahu expressed appreciation for the alliance between our two countries but said that when it comes to our survival, we must always remain the master of our fate. Our state is the only place in the Middle East where everyone, including Arabs and Christians, are free to exercise their rights. As PM of Israel I will always protect Israel’s democracy. Most particularly, I will never tolerate any discrimination against women.

Netanyahu talked about Purim and how Esther foiled a plot to destroy the Jewish people. Purim is March 7 -8. We are fortunate now to live in a time when we live in a state that can defend itself and we will.

He thanked everyone for supporting the Jewish state and wished everyone a Happy Purim.