Big News! Hillary Is Out of Her Van And Has A New Slogan


Yesterday’s Scooby-Doo Hill-van is old news.

Hillary in her mystery machine


Hillary wants to show how novel and energetic she can be so she has switched out her Beatles van for a Rodham Rooter truck.

Rodham Rooter

Her new slogan is, I’m here to clean up America like an everyday American.

She even has a jingle: call Rodham Rooter, that’s the name, and away go troubles, down the drain, Rodham Rooter.

We plan to follow her van tour each day and snap photos of her vehicles which we hear she is switching out each day.

Apparently, el Sooper, the Sooper Mexican, has figured out the hidden significance of the Hillary logo that people thought was stolen from a hospital ER sign. You learn something everyday about Hillary.