Bill Clinton Just Compared Hillary to Our New Saint


hillary sly

The left is out milking Muhammad Ali’s death for all it’s worth. Sanders said it was “courageous” for Ali to duck the draft. The Daily Beast called him America’s first hero and all the media has made him into a saint.

The best came from Bill Clinton today.

Bill Clinton compared Hillary Clinton to Mohammed Ali. Hillary is like him, he said, because “she is always going to be better than her publicity” as was the case with Ali.

The email scandal, Benghazi, the Bimbo eruptions, Chinagate, the many other frauds she has been involved with over the decades have nothing to do with “publicity”. She’s a corrupt liar who is actually worse than her publicity.

Bill Clinton is going to give the eulogy for Ali on Friday. It’s all contrived to help his wife.

Ali was black, Muslim and anti-war, a perfect candidate for the left to manipulate.