Black Lives Matter Is Controlling the Debate on Local Police



For those who think Hillary’s largest backer George Soros is anything but a leftist trying to take down the Capitalist system, you are wrong. He is funding some evil organizations and one of them is the anti-Capitalist Black Lives Matter groups and their phony defense of innocent black youth being killed by allegedly rogue police.

Soros’ trash-website Mother Jones reported on a study from the Center for Media and Social Impact at American University and found that Black Lives Matter is driving the debate on the “nation’s policing”.

Black Lives Matter activists and their supporters have managed to drive the national debate on policing, in part because they tweet about it more often, and with wider reach, than mainstream news outlets or the conservative Twitter users who push a counter-narrative. The activists’ social media efforts, the researchers found, were essential in turning local incidents—such the shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri—into national stories.

I don’t know if we should trust this study or this group that conducted the study. They want us to believe Black Lives Matter is controlling the debate but the fact is the leftists are a minority of people and most people see what is going on but will they do anything about it?

Communists hijacked the MLK Jr freedom movement in the 1960s the same way this debate is being hijacked, which is why we see so many Marxist minorities. They are trying the same thing with Hispanics and other immigrants.

The non-leftists better get smart fast.

After the McCarthy era, the leftists were able to rebrand themselves as innocent victims and progressives. They infiltrated universities, government and cultural institutions. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s just a lot of leftists going unchallenged.

They have been able to convince people that it’s unfair and undemocratic to label leftists or condemn them in any way. They have free rein. Time to start recognizing these people for what they are and calling them out.

The Mother Jones article concluded:

“What social media and new media have allowed us to do is to control our own narrative instead of relinquish that power to other people—other people who don’t live in our communities, who weren’t on the ground in Ferguson, who have not faced these challenged,” Brittany Packnett, an organizer with Campaign Zero and a member of President Obama’s police reform task force, told me. That “is significant not only in the actual resulting narrative but in what it says about what this movement stands for: self determination—not just controlling our own narrative but controlling our own destiny.”

Just so you know,  the narrative is being controlled by statists.

These people don’t care about black youth or they would be in Chicago rallying against gangs and drugs. Very few cops are a problem. Theses leftists take isolated cases out of millions of cases and blow them up and then they have to lie about them to get more significant numbers.

They capitalize on perceptions and misperceptions. The police are easy targets because they are on the front lines, not as social workers, but as enforcers.

The leftists see the local police as a threat mostly because local police are not like other government-controlled organizations. They would support the people if push came to shove. These leftists know that and they want to nationalize the police so they can have complete control.

One of the things that has been most frustrating is to watch the media ignore the communist and socialist elements in this movement. They see it and don’t report it.

Anti-government people – most local police are not your enemy – nationalizing them is.



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