Black Lives Matter Leader: Black-on-Black Crime Is a “Myth”



An organizer for the leftist hate group Black Lives Matter (BLM) and a Bernie supporter, Aaron Goggans, suggested Thursday on CNN that black-on-black crime is a “myth” and BLM is focused on broader issues which includes alleged “systemic” community and “state-sanctioned” violence.

All this “systemic” racism is led mostly by whites, he has said in other venues.

Goggans was responding to a video published by former NFL great Ray Lewis that went viral. In the video posted Saturday to Facebook, Mr. Lewis emotionally criticizes the Black Lives Matter movement for ignoring black-on-black crime, citing a dramatic increase in black-on-black killings in Chicago.

The organizer turned the CNN interview into a different kind of attack and pushed a clearly leftist agenda. The entire BLM agenda, funded by socialist George Soros, is not a black agenda, it’s a far-left agenda.

About black-on-black crime, Goggans says during the interview:

“It’s important to talk about the myth of black-on-black crime. It’s just that — a myth,” Mr. Goggans, a Black Lives Matter organizer in Washington, D.C., told CNN’s Carol Costello. When pressed on his statement, Mr. Goggans backtracked and admitted that black-on-black crime does exist, and insisted that the movement is focused on resolving that issue [He has written it’s a myth on several occasions, however].

In other venues, which we refer to below, he clearly states that whites and their racist systems are behind black crime.

“I’m saying that inter-community crime happens in all communities across the country and it is a problem that the movement of Black Lives Matter is focusing on,” he said.

“The movement is also focusing on state-sanctioned violence, which is a different thing,” Mr. Goggans continued.

“It’s not just a few white cops killing a few unarmed black men. It’s actually the state systematically creating systems that are killing black people, both black women, black children, black men, black queer, black trans and black gender-nonconforming folks, and that’s the issue that I think Ray Lewis didn’t talk about in his video.”

He’s indirectly attacking “white” systems and alleged “white supremacy.”

Mr. Goggans is very far-left if you believe what he writes on his social media pages.

In January, he penned an article for the far-left Alternet, in which he wrote about the so-called “myth”, “This myth,” he said, “relies on shaky evidence and a selective definition of crime that ignores crimes committed by powerful institutions and the people who run them, many of whom are white men.”

He said further that the crimes by black people are because of these white structural institutions.

“Black people are hardly oblivious of the crime within their communities. According to polling, African Americans are concerned about and organize against the crime that exists in their neighborhoods. The roots of crime in the black community are structural.”

Mr. Goggans is right about structural problems causing black poverty and crime but it’s not “white” institutions per se. The problem of black crime is one that is inherent in liberal towns and cities, not “white” communities. It’s a liberal problem but leftists like Mr. Goggans have succeeded in spreading a lie.

In September of last year, Mr. Goggans attempted through his writings “to distill our understanding of White Supremacy and Racial Injustice into a manageable size” for a website, A Well-Examined Life.  In it, he goes through the so-called pillars of white supremacy. Whites are all racists: society is dominated by whites, it is dominated by the racist status quo, and society is set up with systems of racist oppression.

The title of his article is The 5 Pillars of White Supremacy in DC and in it he claims the five pillars of White Supremacy in DC that have been identified are Inner City Settler-Colonialism, Plantation Politics, Cultural Appropriation, Economic Disenfranchisement, and Psychological Warfare.  He attributes none of it to liberals, just whites. It could have been written by Barack Obama or George Soros or the Communist Party USA.

People like Mr. Goggans want a far-left upheaval of society, plain and simple, and they are using black people to make it happen.

Goggans took to Twitter to say he’s only one leader of one Black Lives Matter group which is a common refrain when something they say is not received as well as they hope. This is an anti-white, anti-police hate group of the far-left, period.

A man like Ray Lewis could bring us together which is the only way we can solve our problems. Black Lives Matter seeks to play identity politics to divide and conquer on behalf of the far-left.

Listen to Mr. Lewis’s impassioned plea.


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