#BlackLivesMatter Agitator Forcibly Removed from Trump AL Rally Has a Sketchy History



The man who disrupted a Trump rally in Alabama and who claims he was roughed up and kicked is actually a #BlackLivesMatter agitator. He has an arrest record and a history of getting in trouble – see the third video.

The CNN video reporting that he was abused doesn’t support their case.

According to al.com, Mercutio Southall Jr., a well-known Birmingham activist with a criminal record, heckled Trump during the rally.

He claimed the incident began after a Trump supporter knocked a phone out of the hand of another activist who was recording the event.

“They said ‘Go home, n****r, and somebody punched me,” Southall told AL.com. “I punched back. You know don’t do the turn-the-other-cheek (expletive).”

People allegedly circled and attacked and even choked him. He was finally expelled from the building.

A CNN reporter captured part of the incident on cell phone video but he did’t include what happened leading up to the scene.

Breitbart reported that CNN’s own video didn’t support the agitator’s claim and witnesses said Southall kept laying down and screaming. No one called him names, they said.

The video begins with the protester on the ground who, as he rises to get up, throws a punch, which fails to connect with any members of the crowd. One attendee, wearing a blue and white shirt and khaki pants, assumes a boxing stance in response, but that appears to be primarily a defensive mechanism, Breitbart wrote.

He didn’t reveal his BlackLivesMatter shirt until after the altercation.

Trump responded by saying, “Get him the Hell out of here. Will you?”

You can watch the videos yourself. Personally, I wasn’t there and don’t know what happened but his motives need to be questioned. A WaPo reporter said a man put his hand on Southall’s throat and a woman screamed, “Don’t choke him!”

Southall created a scene in January but the police were the targets at the time and it was right after he got out of JAIL.

His friend posted it on Facebook with the video where it got over 58,000 shares:

Just got out of JAIL!
So me and the gentleman Mercutio Terrell Southall Sr. was just released from Homewood, Alabama Jail…. Let me know what we did wrong… We were literally 5 feet from MY car trying to leave. He was headed to his motorcycle to leave and was stopped by the officer. Why they beat this man like that?!?!

In the video, he is trying to resist the police and bully his way to his criminal friend’s car. The police then jumped quickly to tase him.


Trump’s rallies are bringing out fringe Democrats. On the 19th, another man disrupted a Trump rally and he has a stellar background.

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