The Blood Lust of Weird Kurt Eichenwald


Newsweek’s Trump and Deplorable hating senior writer, Kurt Eichenwald, made a bizarre and fiery appearance on the Tucker Carlson show last week which he followed up with a twitter rampage against the host. Trolls began to taunt and tease him, one in particular, @jew_goldstein sent him a flashing strobe gif.

Eichenwald then claimed, and his wife ostensibly claimed [using his twitter account], he had a seizure, was going to have @jew_goldstein arrested, and he was going to sue him.

Kurt said Friday that police are investigating whether this is a federal crime as he said it is a “cross-state assault.” However, the police report hadn’t been filed until Monday so we don’t know what police he was referring to.

He is trying to get @jew-goldstein’s information and, thanks to him, @jew_goldstein is now on file in the courts in the great state of Texas.

He got an expedited order and says he filed a criminal complaint yesterday. He is on the verge of another twitter rant warning that people who send tweets with strobes will have their accounts eliminated.

This is the previous information.

Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald Goes Bonkers on Twitter After Tucker Interview