Bombshell! Government Agencies Give Tax Dollars to DNC: Dems Reward Donors


The DNC received HUGE donations from the government with our tax dollars. We have a revolving door from the taxpayers’ wallets to the government to the DNC who then picks more candidates to pick our pockets. Why are government agencies giving money to a political party?

The DNC even calls their donors “clowns”. Some of these clowns even get high-level positions as rewards.

The US Postal Service is on the list. They are $15 billion in debt. The Treasury Department allows for a direct conduit from the taxpayers right to the DNC – neat!


The newly leaked emails show some Democrats calling their donors “clowns”.

Some donors were rewarded. They paid for their positions. It’s not known if they are among the clowns.


  1. That’s what’s wrong with our government. They think our money is theirs. Not picking a side of the aisle. It should be against the law for any government employee, hired or elected – ANY to appropriate tax dollars to either party. Period. IT’S NOT THEIR MONEY! PERIOD!

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