Bureaucratic New York Can’t Get Anything Done Under the Weight of Corruption


Bureaucratic New York can’t get anything done. Should that surprise anyone? This is why overly bureaucratic governments don’t work – ever.

Case in point, Newsday reported today that former state Senator, Espada, who, TWO YEARS AGO, allegedly plundered a Bronx health care facility (Soundview) to fund his decadent lifestyle, still has his Medicaid license. There is a lot of evidence of his guilt and he left office in disgrace. Our state government has only now gotten around to looking into revoking his license.

In fact, the very questionable Pedro Espada Jr. is STILL RUNNING the facility. Meanwhile, he had a zero compliance program and he didn’t file federal tax forms in 2008 and 2009. I can’t wait until we have Obamacare – I’m sure that will be run as well as Medicaid.

Espada collects a salary of $225,000 and operates a $14 million budget. Oh, and I mustn’t forget to mention that he hired slews of relatives – he’s big on nepotism. His son makes a $100,000 a year. But don’t worry, the relatives don’t get paid by Medicaid he says. I guess he separates all the money into different piles and keeps the Medicaid pile pure as driven snow.

The snail-paced agency in charge of this is the state Medicaid inspector general’s office. They just started looking at it in April. Nothing has happened yet, they are “seeking to look into it.”

Espada is using the hackneyed saw “people will lose their jobs and poor people won’t have a place to live” argument to keep the revenuers away and it seems to be working.