Green Energy Horror: Oregonians Burn Aborted Babies As Green Energy Fuel


Rachel's Garden

Rachel’s Garden at the Gardens of Gethsemani in south Surrey provides a place to pray for and remember children who have died before birth. BCC file photo.

We are becoming China, a country with little regard for human life, though we might not be as far gone as Canada. That is what happens when morality is excised from society.

The Marion County Board of Commissioners learned that the Covanta Waste-to-Energy Facility located in Marion County Oregon is accepting medical waste containing tissue from aborted and miscarried babies as well as amputated limbs and cancerous tissue from Canada.

“Pontius Pilate would be proud,” said John Hof, president of United for Life, a B.C. pro-life lobby group. He added, “This points to a ludicrous disconnect in our society.

Referring to the recent conviction of Sarah Leung for double infanticide in B.C. Supreme Court, he said, “We can convict someone of infanticide for disposing of a newborn baby, but if she had done it two weeks earlier there would be no penalty, and the body would be on its way into the Oregon power grid.”

It’s only a matter of geography for abortion-lovers.

In response to an April 21 article in The B.C. Catholic, the board took immediate action to temporarily halt the acceptance of boxed medical waste at the facility. Most of the human tissue probably went to Brooks, Oregon.

According to The B.C. Catholic, “a 2007 story in the Willamette Live newspaper, ironically titled, “Burn, Baby, Burn,” indicated the Brooks plant was at that time incinerating 800 tons of medical waste yearly. Covanta Marion spokesman Russel [sic] Johnston told the paper that this amounted to ‘less than half of one per cent of the total waste burned’ and that the medical waste came ‘in sealed boxes and is carried to the furnace on a conveyor belt which layers it with the rest of the solid waste being processed.'”

Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, of Vancouver described his shock at learning of the use of fetal tissue to generate heat or energy in Britain.

“Now it appears from the B.C. Health Ministry that some fetal tissue, from either abortions or miscarriages, ends up being used for power in Oregon. This is a tragic consequence of the pretense that fetuses are not human; if they’re not persons, it is claimed, they are the same as removed appendixes and can be disposed of for any purpose whatsoever.”

The archbishop noted that Catholic cemeteries in the Archdiocese of Vancouver provide space for burying aborted and miscarried children.

Covanta has facilities in Hempstead and Huntington Long Island, New York. They have been accused of raining toxic ash down on Long Islanders though there are no reports of babies being burned. The white ash is called environmentally “green” and is papering cars in areas with white soot. I suppose burning babies is environmentally green as well.

Marion County Commissioner Sam Brentano, chair, said, “We provide an important service to the people of this state and it would be a travesty if this program is jeopardized due to this finding. We thought our ordinance excluded this type of material at the waste-to-energy facility. We will take immediate action to ensure a process is developed to prohibit human tissue from future deliveries.”

“We are outraged and disgusted that this material could be included in medical waste received at the facility,” said Commissioner Janet Carlson. “We did not know this practice was occurring until today. We are taking immediate action and initiating discussions with Covanta Marion to make certain that this type of medical waste is not accepted in the future.”

The British Columbia Catholic newspaper reported that the remains of aborted and miscarried children from the Canadian province were being mixed with everyday trash and sent to an energy plant in Oregon. The paper contacted the British Columbia Health Ministry. They received a response back saying that “biomedical waste,” including “human tissue” and “fetal tissue” are being disposed of through officially approved contractors in Oregon.

Coincidentally, a recent report from the UK showed that as many as 15,000 aborted and miscarried babies were burned as fuel in a hospital in England.

According to the report in the Telegraph, the aborted babies were incinerated as “clinical waste” in “waste to energy” plans at British hospitals.

This is government healthcare – without a conscience – none at all. If we have no regard for the lives and bodies of babies, how will others fare under this system? It also reminds us that we fought to extricate ourselves from the British, maybe we need to do that again.

Twenty-seven hospitals across the UK burned the babies without contacting the parents. They told parents the babies had been “cremated.”

If no part of this bothers you, you are amoral. Yes, I’m judging you!