California Proposal to Allow Illegals to Work Here Legally

Yes, They Have Rights But What Part Of Illegal Don't They Get

There is a new measure in the works, thanks to Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes, which would sidestep any attempt at a legal and reasonable path to citizenship, in California at least.

The measure is called the California Opportunity and Prosperity Act. Fuentes is attempting to collect the  504,760 voter signatures needed to bring this to a vote.

Fuentes thinks it is a moderate resolution in the absence of D.C.’s failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

The measure would allow illegals to work in California legally. Supporters claim it would bring in $325 million in tax revenue. They likely have not included the costs of the healthcare and welfare benefits that low-wage employees are entitled to.

It’s obviously a way to make illegals legal without the public having anything to say about it. It ignores the fact that illegals came here by breaking the law.

Are we a country that prefers people coming here illegally while we ignore people who have waited a decade to immigrate legally? Read more here: Chipping away at the laws