Caterpillar Inc. Competes with China & Chooses to Survive In the U.S.A.


Every so often a liberal berates me, giving me that “holier-than-thou,” condescending, “you are so un-American” look! How can you be anti-union and against a fair, equitable wage? And your position will kill jobs!

Well, this week, my actual points were brought to light, when Caterpillar Inc. announced on Friday that it will PERMANENTLY close it’s 62 year old plant in London, Ontario, Canada (their main center for assembling locomotives in North America!) and would move its entire operation to their newly opened locomotive plant in Muncie, Indiana USA!

Now, for the reasons behind this decision! It’s all about union membership and wages! The Canadian workers are all unionized, and are paid approximately 36 dollars per hour! The Indiana workers are, on the other hand, paid 18 dollars per hour and are in a “right- to work” state newly initiated by Gov. Mitch Daniels. This allows the option of NOT having to join their union by stopping the practice of deducting union dues directly from their paycheck and collected by the state! A worker can choose to join! The Unions would now have to collect the dues directly from each member giving them a choice! Benefits were not an issue.

To be competitive in this Global economy, Caterpillar Inc. an international Company, is competing with China! The question to the Canadian unionized workers (or as President Obama clearly does not understand) is basically would you like an $18 per hour job with benefits or NO job at all? The Canadian workers choose the later!

We are faced these days with choices and compromises, but whether it’s the Keystone Pipeline, right-to-work, or off-shore drilling, we, faced with a massive unemployment problem, must really “think twice” before we decide to “kill jobs” in the name of a political ideology!

P.S. General Electric, the largest producer of locomotives is also now expanding its plant in Texas, a state with very low Union membership! The hypocrisy is so obvious! Jeff Immelt, the CEO and a member of Obama’s Economic Council, preaches Liberal ideology on one hand, but promotes another one in his own company!