CBS Reporter Likens Tea Party to the Mullahs of Iran



A CBS reporter compared the Tea Party to the mullahs of Iran. While discussing the new president of Iran, CBS reporter Elizabeth Palmer arrogantly pronounced that all the candidates running for president were very conservative. “In US terms, it was as if all the candidates for the presidency came from the tea party.”

She also said that newly-elected President Rowhani is “extremely close to the centers of power in Iran.” How is that is like the tea party?

The IRS is targeting the tea party and now the media is ramping up their attacks again.

The tea party has seen somewhat of a resurgence of popularity since the IRS targeting scandal and there is undoubtedly concern on the left that they could actually win some elections. Will the media renew their attacks on them?

Apparently CBS is okay with her comments since they haven’t said otherwise.

I don’t know how anyone listens to someone as affected as Ms. Palmer. She’s insufferable and has zero credibility.

Is the tea party demanding women wear burqas? Are they suicide bombing? I must have missed that.

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