Chicago Wants to Call In the National Guard



Rahm and his militarized police force

Chicago, the murder capitol of the nation, has gotten so bad that cops have to line the roads so children can get to school safely. Last weekend, 13 were shot including a 3-year old child. More than 512 people were murdered in 2012 and it will be worse in 2013.

The governor now wants to call in the National Guard to protect the streets. That is unconstitutional. Federalizing troops to perform state functions as the result of incompetent local officials is not an acceptable reason. Military troops cannot be called in to fight Americans.

The National Guard can be ordered to active duty only if “Congress declared a national emergency and authorized the use of troops in excess of those of the Regular Army.” The Governor can activate National Guard personnel to “State Active Duty” in response to natural or man-made disasters or Homeland Defense missions.

The numbers of police are 1,000 below the norm. Chicago can hire more police.

Emanuel’s ideas are ideological and don’t work. One idea was to declare some streets as ‘safe streets’, expecting gangs to abide by that. The gangs don’t. The safe streets are gun-free zones where gangs like to hang out.

Instead of these ideological losers, it wouldn’t hurt for them to employ Stop & Frisk tactics. It worked in New York.

Chicago needs effective methods to control gangs and they need cops.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is incompetent and needs to resign.