China Launches First Space Shuttle

Our New Reality Under Obama’s Leadership

Thanks to President Obama, we will likely lose our role in space as well as on earth. Obama has done his best to make NASA irrelevant, and send businesses abroad, many to China, Now, unsurprisingly, we have China looking to quickly outrun us in space.

“At 9:16 p.m. local time–that was at 9:16 a.m. eastern time here in the U.S.–China successfully lofted its first inhabitable space station module into orbit on the back of a Long March 2F launch vehicle, marking a milestone for both the People’s space program and for the Party’s geopolitical ambitions…”

China is the third nation to put a space station into orbit where it will remain for two years. It was only 2003 when they launched their first man in space. The pace of their achievement is stunning. They plan to put a robot on the moon in 2014 followed by a manned lunar base. In 2013 a joint Russian-Chinese mission hopes to put a robotic rover on Mars. Read here: Now the Chinese can rule in space