Chuck Todd: Not Meeting with World Leaders Is Not a Defensible Position


Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter appeared on MSNBC’s Daily Rundown Wednesday morning to talk about the President’ preparations for the upcoming debates.

It’s been a real challenge apparently. I don’t know why, he’s been able to debate with Jay-Z and David Letterman.

She pushed the narrative coming out of the White House (and echoed by Mr. Gibbs on the Sunday shows) that Obama is the underdog in the debates because Romney is so experienced. That is utter nonsense and it is meant to give Obama the edge – it’s the “low expectations” ploy.

Chuck Todd brought up the difference in George Bush’s schedule from Barack Obama’s. Bush met with world leaders and Obama mingles with entertainers.

Cutter doesn’t know anything about that of course – not her job. She then repeated the favored talking point that the president talks to world leaders constantly.

Am I the only one who finds her voice extremely annoying?

The video will play if you click “hide ad” on top right. The important dialogue starts at 2:25.