CNN Host Shares Town Hall Question With Clinton Campaign


Donna Brazile, a CNN host, gave a question to Hillary Clinton in advance of a CNN town hall, according to a Wikileaks email.

The question was about the death penalty. The email:


Hillary’s advisor, Jennifer Palmieri, who has the same ethical standard, was happy to receive it which means her boss would be also.

A man named Ricky Jackson planned to ask Hillary that question at the March 13 CNN town hall. A court wrongly convicted him of murder in 1975 when he was only a teenager

When Donna Brazile was asked about it, she gave the usual retort, it’s Russia’s fault, after she denied she did it.

“But let’s get one thing straight. Our Intelligence Community has made it clear that the Russian government is responsible for the cyberattacks aimed at interfering with our election, and that WikiLeaks is part of that effort. This revelation should deeply trouble all Americans in both parties. And yet, Donald Trump continues to deny that Russia is behind these attempts to meddle with our electoral process and cheer on these efforts to undermine our democracy.

But how can that be Donna. They aren’t our worst geo-political enemy. Just ask Obama.