Communist Party USA Loves Missouri’s Claire McCaskill


Why wouldn’t everyone vote for Claire McCaskill over Todd Akin? After all, Mr. Akin made a dumb statement which he took back, whereas Ms. McCaskill has given us the unsustainable Obamacare. Better yet, the Communist Party USA backs Ms. McCaskill. I don’t know about you but that sold me on McCaskill.

People’s World, the Communist Party USA magazine, loves Claire McCaskill. Her strong support for Obamacare is one of the many reasons they love her.

Peoples’ World reported that Ms.McCaskill recently attended a meeting of labor leaders and asked the question, “What is it about Obamacare that you don’t like?” They couldn’t answer because they all like it.

She said that she asked the same question, she claims, of people who don’t like Obamacare and got the same answer. I find that hard to believe but apparently people who don’t love Obamacare are ignorant.

Even harder to believe is her next statement:

Ms. McCaskill said that most people that hate “Obamacare,” don’t hate the plan as much as they hate the president. President Obama, she added, “could come up with a cure for cancer and still be hated by many Americans and all of the Tea Party members.”  [ALL OF THE TEA PARTY PEOPLE? Every single one? To a man and woman?] McCaskill is insinuating Obama’s opponents are racists of course.

So all the people who dislike Obamacare only dislike it because they hate Obama. It can’t possibly be because we have reasoned objections. It has to be the result of abject Obama-hatred and ignorance, especially if they are members of a Tea Party group.

Ms. McCaskill doesn’t have much respect for some of her own constituents. Tea Party people and all Obama opponents should expect to get a fair shake from her if they lie about their views.

Is a politician who has no respect for so many of her constituents fit for the role?

Her husband isn’t suffering because of her position. Businesses affiliated with McCaskill’s husband received $40 million in federal subsidies. There is no evidence that her votes were tied to these benefits but doesn’t this appear to be some type of conflict of interest? She’s voting for bills that can award money to her husband. I’ll give the Communist Party USA a call to see what they say.

via US News & World Report

“There is a conflict of interest and a breach of trust with the citizens of our state,” Akin said in an interview with the AP.

McCaskill denied that.

“The accusation is terribly unfair and distorted,” she told the AP on Tuesday. “They are trying to make it appear that somehow my votes enabled my husband to make money — and that’s just not true.”

Rasmussen reports that McCaskill now leads Akin 51% to 45%. It’s no wonder since she has the commie vote.