Conniving Hillary Memos Her Minions: Blame Media If They Press on Her “Deplorable” Comments


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The Washington Post revealed that Clinton and her campaign want Democrats to berate the press if she is pressured to comment on her characterization of Trump’s supporters as “deplorables” or just losers who want change at the expense of voting for an alleged bigot.

A memo was sent out Saturday afternoon titled, “‘Deplorable’ Comment Talking Points” to Clinton minions for TV interviews and appearances in support of her. It details the talking points meant to twist the media coverage into supporting Hillary or just dropping the subject.

Hillary insulted Trump supporters at a Friday fundraiser, calling them “irredeemable” and “baskets of deplorables”, or just  losers who will vote for any bigot to get change. She then expressed “regrets” she said half were bigots and not “some”. In other words, she doubled down as she continued with her attack on Trump and his supporters as the KKK.

Half the country are losers or “deplorables”?

The memo emphasizes that she did not apologize and further says, “it is deplorable that Trump has built his campaign largely on prejudice and paranoia and given a national platform to hateful views and voices.”

The memo goes on to say “IF PUSHED,” surrogates should raise concerns about media fairness.

“I think we can all agree that if Donald Trump said something controversial about Clinton supporters, it wouldn’t have been in his top ten list of offensive statements in day,[sic]” the advice reads. “It’s well past time the press stopped grading Trump on a curve. So is the press going to cover this story in the right [context], or are they going to hold Hillary to a different standard again? Are they going to make more out of this story than they made out of the racist, misogynistic Trump comments that got us here in the first place?”The guidance also includes suggested comments — “only if asked” — on what to say about Clinton and her running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, being “on different pages” about whether Clinton should have apologized for the episode.

Liar Tim Kaine was out on Saturday saying there was no need for an apology.

The suggested response to surrogates: “Tim Kaine was making the point that she didn’t need to apologize for calling out that Donald Trump has given a platform to the alt-right and its deplorable views. And the campaign has made clear that they will continue to call out the bigotry and racist values that Donald Trump has championed in this campaign.”

This alt-right garbage needs to stop. It is a term conjured up recently by a leftist. Some on the right liked it and used it, including the Breitbart editor managing Trump’s campaign, however, it has been successfully demonized by the left and needs to be dropped.  It’s now a meaningless term. The left is making these people into the KKK though they are not at all.

This is what they did to the Tea Party. Any right-wing movement and terminology that helps spread their word will be trashed so it can’t get off the ground while real hate groups like Black Lives Matter and acts of contempt against the US like those of Colin Kaepernick and his sheeple will be called dignified and principled.

If there are any people who keep minorities down, it’s the Democrats who founded the KKK. The KKK had a requirement for joining while in its prime — other than having to be a hater — you had to join the Democrat Party.