Conspiracy to Sabotage This Presidential Candidate Exposes Corruption in the Media If True


There appears to be a media conspiracy to sabotage Senator Ted Cruz and no matter who you support in this election, you should be very concerned that media people, GOPers and servers all colluded to silence Ted Cruz during his speech last evening. It is also interesting to note that Fox contributors followed up by ripping into Cruz and Trump on Friday. The same thing happened on CNN and other stations.

Donald Trump, John Kasich and Ted Cruz were all slated to speak last evening to the GOP membership present at the Hyatt and it was televised.

Dinner was served as John Kasich’s speech ended and Ted Cruz began speaking, creating a lot of noise and an atmosphere in which people would not listen.

Donald Trump was the first to speak. Shortly after Cruz began his speech and for eight minutes after no one could hear Cruz on the TV, radio and online feed. The sound from his mic appeared to have been lowered in some way and was replaced by table noise.

No one in the room could hear that the speech was cut so Cruz continued speaking. Some GOPers spoke over Cruz and walked around the room to show their disdain.

Immediately after and during the day Friday, the media portrayed the situation as one in which Cruz bored everyone so badly that no one would listen when in fact no one could hear it unless they were in the room.

If it wasn’t sabotage, why did the media not address it afterwards and instead portray Cruz as too boring to listen to?

This is similar to what NBC and CNN did in the Trayvon Martin case and in other cases where they cut off parts of a video and doctored photos to make Zimmerman look guilty. The media has frequently referred to Zimmerman as a police officer though of course he wasn’t but they wanted to suggest that the police are guilty of the Martin shooting.

Rush Limbaugh discussed this as possible sabotage on his show Friday.  He began by playing a tape with Trump and then Kasich speaking to show how everything was fine until Cruz came on.

Sean Hannity said on his radio show in answer to a question by a caller that it was done by the people in the facility who were responsible for the feed and there was no conspiracy. He said he had to go back to his studio to film his show and it was annoying.

Who’s right? Who knows but it’s hard to trust the media.


  1. For weeks the media carried the whines of “dirty tricks” by Trump supposedly on Carson’s behalf for Iowa and with Carson repeating that lie. The “Lyin Ted” meme was born in the fever swamp of Trump’s mind and the media never seems to miss a repetition of it.

    The media has, en masse but with some noticeable well known people becoming increasingly singularly partisan, given Trump over $2 BILLION in free advertising, far in excess of what was given any other candidate. They have been previously revealed as comprised of an overwhelming majority of Dems/leftists. It’s no stretch to imagine that their motive is at least in part to focus on the GOP clown acting bombastic as he scarily blurts out incendiary comments, autocratic pronouncements, threats and easily provable lies in order to keep from having to speak about the dumpster fire in their own favored political camp.

    The media focuses on the only GOP candidate with worse approval ratings than their own side’s top candidate, the unindicted career criminal or her bane, the avowed socialist who held no real job until he was 40, honeymooned in the USSR (and never returned according to Sen. Graham) and has even less knowledge about the details and specifics that apply to his stated “policies” than the loud mouth on the other side.

    Now a true “Dirty Trick” was played on the GOP’s second place candidate, the man the media has consistently ignored just as hard as they could. And the coverage of what was clearly planned as a true dirty trick…sides against the target of the trick instead of the perpetrators by completely ignoring the sabotage and “reporting” lies. As stated, even Fox–supposedly ‘fair and balanced’–proved their own either partisanship or incompetence. Or both.

    And they are seemingly baffled how they lost the public’s trust in them. Well, this latest episode of their game will lose them even more as more members of their ‘club’ are added to the “never watch/never believe” list of even more people.

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