Counterterrorism Officials Not Mobilized in Benghazi, Media Obfuscates


The counterterrorism team was never engaged and the military felt left out of the loop before during and after the Benghazi attack. At the same time, the AP continues with the debunked version of events reported by the White House and the State Department.

The fact is that the United States entrusted the welfare of our personnel to Libyan militias which were infiltrated with al-Qaida.

Today, on p.A 40, Newsday posted an AP story entitled “CIA DETAILS ON LIBYA ATTACK,” which, for the most part, lies by omission. It is based on reports from nameless Obama administration officials.

The article states that CIA security officers went to the aid of State Department staff within 25 minutes of the first call for help. The officials say they now “suspect” the group [they won’t use the word “terrorists”] are al-Qaida linked. They deny that the CIA told its personnel to “stand down.”

They add that about a half dozen CIA security team members tried to get heavy weapons and other assistance from the Libyans but none were available. They then went ahead with the rescue attempt.

The article ended by hinting it was a partisan issue now because Mitt Romney made it one. The only reason the White House didn’t reveal that the attackers might be al-Qaida linked is because it was based on classified intelligence. This is the same White House that leaked information about the Osama bin Laden raid to movie producers.

Where does one begin with this falsified account?

Tyrone Woods and at least two other men risked their lives and defied orders to save the people at the consulate. A small team, including Glen Doherty, was flown in from Tripoli. A number of people at the consulate were taken to the airport by these men.

Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods stayed behind, assumedly to fight off the attackers. Some of the attackers followed the rescued people to the airport and they narrowly escaped.

When Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods asked for help as they fought off attackers, they were denied. That is according to emails and cables which have been leaked.

The men were told by the station chief that he was trying to get Libyan help. The people at the consulate notified the State Department almost a month earlier that they believed their Libyan guards could not be trusted and that they were surrounded by al-Qaida with terrorist training camps being established in the area.

The fact that this was al-Qaida should not have been classified since the al-Qaida militants were taking credit for Benghazi on Facebook and Twitter during the attack.

The consulate pleaded for security right up until the night they died. The government response was to decrease security.

On the day of the 9/11 attack, at least one of the consulate’s own Libyan guards was seen photographing the consulate according to emails and cables. The terrorists were seen organizing hours before the attack.

via Fox News

Senior counterintelligence officials felt they were completely left out of the loop on the night of the attack. Top State Department officials decided not to send an interagency rapid response unit designed to respond to terrorist attacks known as a FEST team, a Foreign Emergency Support Team.

Further, the Counterterrorism Security Group, or CSG, was never asked to meet that night or in subsequent days, according to two separate counterterrorism officials, as first reported by CBS News.

National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor told Fox News, “the most senior people in government worked on this issue from the minute it happened. That includes the Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Secretary of State, National Security advisor, et cetera. Additionally, the Deputies Committee — the second in command at the relevant national security agencies — met at least once and more often twice a day to manage the issue.”

But the latest revelations, including reporting by Fox News that the State Department was warned a month before the attack that the consulate could not withstand a coordinated strike, have sparked renewed criticisms from top GOP lawmakers.

The Obama government is suggesting the counterterrorism team was not needed because they were meeting at the White House and State Department level. Obviously, that didn’t work well. It also suggests that the cables and emails are accurate.

US military officials were reporting about the attack within four hours but no alerts were issued.

The State Department decided to not send a special response team into Libya after the attack even though it is normally routine to do so. Counterterrorism officials could have gotten to the scene before 24 days if this team had been sent in. There is no investigation because of this.

The fact that the AP would even talk about securing Libyan help is almost laughable except for the horror of the needless deaths and injuries. The Libyans in the area were the attackers.

Communications Breakdown the night of the Benghazi attack:

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