Cuomo Attacks LIPA Despite Their Extraordinary Efforts


Instead of supporting the men and women of LIPA who are trying to restore power despite overwhelming problems, Cuomo has decided to threaten them. Long Island is a disaster. Trees are down on the north and south shore on almost every block. The situation isn’t safe for the workers and must be approached with due diligence.

Customers are losing patience and instead of Cuomo helping LIPA and encouraging people to be patient he is adding fuel to the fire in a purely political move.

Yesterday, Cuomo issued an ultimatum to officials of LIPA and those of other utilities in the state saying they had time to prepare for the storm and that the state certifications of the private companies and even their jobs were on the line.

Meanwhile, bureaucracy has been turning tankers back from NE ports because of the Jones Act which prohibits all but union workers. Janet Napolitano suspended the Jones Act temporarily so tankers can come into Long Island ports.

Union labor, at least in NJ, is discouraging the help offered by nonunion utility workers from other states.

Back to Cuomo who wrote, “New Yorkers should not suffer because electric utilities did not reasonably prepare for this eventuality. In the context of the ongoing emergency, such a failure constitutes a breach of the public trust.”

Instead of leading, Cuomo is deflecting blame. What he said accomplishes nothing even if that is how he feels.

The story can be found on p.A5 of today’s Newsday. Utility workers are easy marks.

Typical block on the north shore of LI though most trees have lines wrapped around them.

Many LI gas stations are without gasoline and the lines go for blocks. That, however, is nothing compared to the loss of homes and lives. Two little boys, ages 2 and 4, were swept out of their mother’s van as it filled with water in Staten Island. Their little bodies turned up in a marsh hours later.

That is a real tragedy.

Not getting power, which LIPA now estimates will take until November 11th, is far from being a tragedy.

Andrew Cuomo is a thug like his father.