Dangerous Obama Doctrine Will Be Announced Today – Update


neville-chamberlain2 Photo of The Great Appeaser, Barack Obama

Update: 5/24/13: President Obama’s speech followed the lines of the NY Times article though it was not as clear. Obama will limit the use of drones; we did kill four Americans with drones – three terrorists and one son of a terrorist; he said drones are legal and a necessary tool in our conflict; he seeks an end to “perpetual war” and believes our war on terror (which he does not refer to as such) is at an end; he called on Congress to close GITMO; he will send some GITMO prisoners to their home countries; and he wants to set up commissions in our homeland.

He said the Internet is fueling terrorism and will continue to worsen. We need to reach out to the Muslim community which has rejected violence. [I’d prefer we limited their immigration here before we end up like England]

His speech serves as a distraction from the scandals to hit the White House in recent weeks.

He undoubtedly hopes to give the impression he is in charge but if anything goes wrong, will he know anything?


President Obama planted a story in the NY Times Thursday ahead of his speech later today. In the speech, President Obama will talk about “sharply curtailing” the one effective weapon we have used in the war on terror – drone strikes, particularly in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. He will only use drones if there is an imminent threat to us and he will not use them if there is an imminent threat to our allies.

President Obama is also going to take control away from the CIA and the military. He wants to move to the judicial system (Eric Holder) and the Pentagon.

Obama is going to move to close GITMO. He might as well since he won’t take prisoners. He plans to send some of the worst prisoners from GITMO back home to terror-cooperative nations like Yemen where they will “escape” to once again kill our soldiers or plan attacks on our soil.

Yesterday, we heard about two home-grown terrorists murdering a British soldier while screaming Allahu Akbar. The video can be seen at iTV and I have chosen to show only this clip which is bad enough.

This man in the clip, British-born of Nigerian descent, and his comrade ran over a 25-year old soldier, Lee Rigby, and then began hacking away at him with a machete and long knife. They also shot him with a gun. Passersby, who did nothing, thought they were trying to cut the victim’s organs out. They beheaded him, dragged his body into the street, and then encouraged people to take photos. It took 20 minutes before the police arrived.

Britain does not have a Second Amendment and there was no one to stop the horrific terrorist attack.

Terrorists who are not stopped on their lands will attack us on our lands.

The NY Daily News op-ed said it perfectly yesterday when they said that “to hear his loving proclamations was to stare unforgettably into the dementia of Islam fanaticism.”

British Prime Minister Cameron said about the attack, We have suffered these attacks before. We have always fought them back. They will never win…We will always win…We will never give in to terrorism in any of its forms. 

Our administration will not say this. They won’t even recognize its existence.

Obama has made extraordinary efforts to hide the rise of al Qaeda and to keep the truth from the American people. That is undoubtedly what Benghazi was about. The lack of protection in the Benghazi consulate was to show we didn’t need it; we were turning over the land to the Libyans; and we would not offend them by insinuating they were not trustworthy. We were treating them as if they were us. We did this while al Qaeda terrorist camps arose in the area of the consulate.

Eric Nordstrom said it best when he gave testimony at the first Benghazi hearings. He said Al Qaeada is in the building!  Our administration is in the building! The terrorists are behaving like terrorists and we are behaving like ignorant fools.

This dangerous and blind philosophy of Barack Obama was evident from the beginning of Obama’s tenure as evidenced in the Ft. Hood shootings.

Ft. Hood was labeled workplace violence.

Nadal Hassan has collected almost $300,000 in salary while we spend millions on his trial, providing him with the most esteemed lawyers that common citizens could not afford. Think of the message of incredible weakness on our part that this sends to the enemy.

Meanwhile the victims of Ft. Hood cannot get their basic needs met because they are not regarded as victims of terrorism. Even those with PTSD as a result of the terror attack cannot get help. They cannot get the medical care they need. They can’t receive the Purple Hearts they so deserve. We have administrators and generals who have lied and said the Ft. Hood victims can get the help they need though it is blatantly false.

Al Qaeda is in the White House!

NY Times article