Day of Rage Protest Video – Sorry, But I’m Not Going To Work So These People Can Hang Out


During the Day of Rage, I listened in to as many conversations as I could because I wanted to report this straight, no sarcasm, no humor, just what was.

As I watched people walk around the bull, I heard a young man say that, as a Jew, he was tired of being called anti-semitic because he was pro-Palestine. He said that if it wasn’t for the Jewish bankers, we (the U.S.?) wouldn’t be in this situation.

An older man, much older than most, had been wandering aimlessly about so he caught my eye. After having zero interaction with the police, he went up to the young people, who wanted to storm Wall Street to get arrested, and said that the police were pushing him, physically pushing him. No such thing happened.

There was a strong police presence, and each side block to Wall Street was blocked, and they were New York’s finest yesterday, September 17th, Constitution Day.

The young people were eating peanut butter sandwiches to demonstrate their plight as being underprivileged because of the wealthy corporate greed.

A number of people told us they wanted a National Socialist Party. When we told them that Hitler’s Party was the National Socialist Party, they said it wasn’t true. In point of fact, the name, National Socialist Party, was once the “National Socialist German Workers’ Party” or “National Sozialistische D.A.P.” The German, “Nationalsozialist” was shortened to “Nazi.”

The protesters used the word “democracy” and “socialism” interchangeably when we spoke with them. I don’t know if that was deceit or their true belief. I can’t answer for their hearts and minds, but I would say that my perception was that some of the young protesters were confused and ill-informed.

In all of this, a group of young men, seemingly tourists, or residents of one of the outlying suburbs, complained that they didn’t understand why people would act this way when we live in the greatest country in the world.

The one thing that was obvious was the anger that seethed through the crowd. I wondered if a lot of these young people didn’t have rich, neglectful parents. Having some psychology in my background, I can’t help but psychoanalyze these situations.