Death To America, The Video, From The People President Obama Negotiates With


Death to America

I posted the link to one of Ayatollah Khaemenei’s speeches a few days ago with a brief summary, but a video is so much more powerful. In this video, the audience spontaneously breaks out in chants of “Death to America” to which the Supreme Leader responds, “Of course, Death to America.”

After listening to this video, answer this question, will President Obama lift the sanctions without delay if he can? Couldn’t you see him apologizing for America and then pleading with the Ayatollah to be our friends?

I say this because President Obama blames the United States policies and George Bush for all the problems in the Middle East.  He doesn’t see our efforts as a force for good.

No other country stands for freedom – true freedom – none in the world. We have tried to spread freedom and democracy. If President Obama is successful, he will be allowing the unfettered spread of communism, theocratic fascism, socialism and anarchy like they now have in Libya. Dictatorships will be the world’s role models instead of the United States, the last bastion of freedom and liberty.