Defender of Animal Rights Hillary Thinks Unborn Babies Have No Rights



Senator Clinton’s dedication to animal rights earned her a perfect score on the Humane Society’s scorecard, which ranks how frequently the members of Congress vote in support of animals. She cosponsored the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, which aimed to end the slaughter of horses for their meat, and the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act, which aimed to get rid of dogfighting, cockfighting, and all other types of animal fighting. Additionally, she has been working toward prohibiting schools from serving meat injected with antibiotics.

She’s also known to be a pet lover, but when it comes to the unborn babies, not so much. She is correct but she didn’t bother to mention late-term unborn babies because she frankly doesn’t care and had no desire to qualify her statement.

She also called the fetus “an unborn person.”

I think I’ll go out and stomp on some Piping Plover eggs – they’re not birds. You know what kind of fine I’d face, along with possible imprisonment?

She doubled down on The View – right up until the moment of birth – no rights under our laws. Why is it a difficult decision if it’s just a clump of cells” Why did she call the baby an “unborn person”?

Some people are calling her the “grandma unborn person terminator.”


  1. So, it’s NOT her body when a woman smokes and drinks when she’s pregnant, but if she wants to have it ripped out and have its head chopped off then it’s the woman’s body? One can run circles around liberal stupidity and hypocrisy.

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