Delta’s $100 Million Dollar Obamacare Costs



Photo of Delta passenger plane. They will soon be flying at a much higher cost to passengers thanks to Obamacare

Delta airlines will drop spouses from health coverage because they can’t afford the $100 million increase in healthcare costs that will be added in one year, due in large part to Obamacare.

It is the beginning of a train wreck.

The only opposition we have to Obamacare is the House and they won’t fight! They will not defund Obamacare. They gripe about the individual mandate but it’s unlikely they will even make a forceful effort to delay that. Have you seen any action on it?

In a phone conference with Republican members of the House, Boehner said that he didn’t want a fight on the debt ceiling. He appears to be slow-walking a comprehensive immigration bill and he won’t fight against Obamacare in the only way possible – by defunding it.

Delta is only one company that is facing an insurmountable expense because of the healthcare law.

A Delta letter ‘leaked’ onto the Internet earlier this week and was first picked up by redstate.

The letter specifies a number of Obamacare provisions that are increasing their costs.

Delta has to pay a ‘reinsurance fee’ that goes towards the exchanges.

People should know that every one of us will start out paying a $63 Obamacare fee each year for Obamacare in addition to other costs we will pay directly or indirectly. That fee will rise without our having anything to say about it. The government can increase it at will. For Delta, the fee is $10 million dollars. It is taxation without representation built right into the law.

Delta has to cover adult children up to age 26 and that will cost them another $14 million, at least.

Delta employees who used to turn down the firm’s offer of coverage will be compelled to take it. That’s another $14 million.

Delta Airlines expects Obamacare will directly and indirectly cost it $100 million in 2014.

They are going to do what other businesses will do who can’t put most of their employees on part-time, they will drop coverage wherever they can and they will raise the price of airline tickets. They have no choice.

Free Obamacare will be unsustainable and will be an endless drain on our society. When it collapses, it will lead to something worse – single payer.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.