Democrats Are on the Hunt for Scapegoats in the Navy Yard Tragedy


donkey blaming elephant

The horrific massacre at the Washington Navy Yard was immediately politicized by people like Senator Feinstein and President Obama. Mid-day, when the police were still looking for two other potential suspects, the president gave a press conference, hinting at what was to come later that day – a call for gun control.  By day’s end, he demanded a ban on assault weapons, assault weapons aka rifles that is. In two days, the Democrats have blamed guns, contractors, and sequester for the mass shooting.

Media and politicians singled out private contractors as the guilty parties before having the facts. As it turns out the private contractor, The Expert, said they conducted a full background check and nothing turned up. The reason nothing turned up is because the paper work for Aaron Alexis’ first arrest was lost. In the second case, he was never charged.

In another case while Alexis was a reservist, he left the base for a day without leave. He was suspended without pay. He fought his suspension and won in court. The judge gave him a pass.

The Navy did not discharge Alexis dishonorably and allowed him to keep his security clearance. Reason unknown.

Six weeks ago, the police warned the Navy that Aaron Alexis was hearing voices.

The Daily Mail reported that a Rhode Island police officer was called to Alexis’ hotel room because Alexis was hearing voices through the walls, flooring, ceiling. Alexis said three people were following him. The officer noted in his report that Alexis said ‘people were sending vibrations to his body through a microwave machine.’ The officer knew Alexis was a naval contractor and noted in his report that ‘I made contact with on-duty Naval Station Police [officer name redacted].

Alexis sought treatment from the Veterans Administration in August for paranoia, insomnia and possible schizophrenia. A New York Times report claims that he had suffered from several mental illnesses since his early 20s.

He was a big drinker and played violent video games sometimes for 16 hours at a clip.

It is possible the Navy missed the warning signs.

Today at the Pentagon briefing, Democrats attempted to blame the attack on sequester. The Admiral answering the questions said they would never cut security. That is not how they operate.

Chuck Hagel fell back on not being able to say too much about the mass shooting while an investigation is ongoing. How surprising! Didn’t you expect answers and transparency?

Fortunately for Republicans, if anything fortunate can be read in this, is the shooter, the probably psychotic shooter, was a Democrat who liked President Obama.