Dianne Feinstein: It’s About Legal Gun Owners Not Terrorists


feinstein photo of an angry Dianne Feinstein

Sen. Dianne Feinstein appeared with Rep. Peter King on Fox News Sunday today to discuss the Boston bombings and gun control. At one point she said she doesn’t find talking about it helpful when the FBI can handle it.

In response to Rep. King saying we might not be doing enough in getting into the Muslim community where the terrorism takes hold, Sen. Feinstein said she doesn’t think we should “develop some real hatred and disdain about it on television.”

Feinstein deliberately mischaracterized her opponent’s comments to destroy his argument.

Go to 07:46 – 08:31 in the video to hear her unjustified comments. At 09:30 she talks about the shotgun being enough for private gun owners and then goes on to say having police all over the place is enough for defense.

Meet the Press had typical liberals on Sunday. One woman said she was grateful it was only a crude bomb. I’m sure Mr. Richards and Jay Bauman might disagree. That crude bomb as she calls it is an IED that is commonly used by al Qaeda. It’s a dangerous sign.

Dick Durbin also appeared on Meet the Press and he said he isn’t worried because he thinks the immigration bill will solve our problems, which glaringly exposes his flawed view on the subject of terrorism. The FBI had Tamerlan in their sites and for some reason didn’t follow up. The immigration law will actually make it harder to deport people like Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Another expert on the same show said we had terror under control and haven’t had a successful attack since 9/11, forgetting Ft. Hood and the attack on the soldier in Arkansas.

They all talked of resilience. I don’t want to be resilient, I want to keep these terrorists out. Instead we have a global open door policy. We even pay to educate the same people who hate us. We are operating an open border sewer.

President Obama said in his radio address, “Americans refuse to be terrorized. Ultimately, that’s what we’ll remember from this week.” What does that mean? The entire city of Boston was in lockdown with hundreds of police and FBI chasing a 26-year old and a 19 year-old around Watertown. The 19-year old escaped a police blockade. Can you imagine how we would do if the Koreans came into the country with a dirty bomb?

Feinstein isn’t concerned about the bombings so much as taking rifles away from law-abiding citizens. She thinks it’s better to have police everywhere than have an armed citizen. She also thinks one shotgun is enough for defense. Who is she to decide this?

A Gallup poll showed that American’s top concerns are the economy, jobs, dissatisfaction with government, the debt and healthcare but this administration continues to make it about private gun ownership. The poll was taken prior to the Boston bombings, which would likely take a prominent role now.

Over the weekend, we came only four votes away from giving our gun rights away to the UN. The UN Arms Trade Treaty failed 53-46. That’s a very close vote, the closest we have come.

The bill basically placed a global ban on the import and export of small firearms. It would have affected all private gun owners in the US. The bill included the implementation of an international gun registry for private guns.

President Obama plans a series of Executive Orders to infringe on private gun ownership but he can only go so far.

It defies logic that the administration thinks terrorists are not a problem but legal gun owners are. How many people in Boston would have liked to have a gun handy this past week?