CNN’s Press Room Exploded Over This Comment Last Night



Last night during the debate, Bernie Sanders discredited the concerns people have about Hillary’s emails and he did it in a typically dishonest way. He made it seem as if the scandal was only about emails and left out all context. He told the world that he was “sick and tired” of hearing about Hillary’s emails.

It would have made Marx proud. Hillary violated national security by putting her emails on a personal server and shared classified material with others who did not have security clearance. She violated several laws. Democrats don’t care about that at all.

CNN faux journalist Dave Rubin shared the tweet below indicating that the CNN press room exploded when he said it. They simply don’t care about national security or Hillary’s lying and corruption.


If you had any doubts about the lack of objectivity in the media, go over to CNN’s Twitter feed and look at their Tweets. In particular, look at this one:

A lot of people didn’t agree and I’ve included just some of the comments because they can say it better than I can. rubin1 rubin2 rubin3