DOJ Tries to Fine & Imprison Oil Execs for 6 Dead Ducks Who Wandered Into Oil Pits



It may be best if some of you DO NOT READ  THIS!! If you are paranoid, if you are conspiratorial, if you are skeptical, if you just NEVER believe any Tea Party person, or if you just had a rotten day yesterday, do not go on!

With that warning out of the way – here goes!

THE CHARGES:  Under The Migratory Bird Act, the Obama Justice Department charged three oil companies in North Dakota with causing the deaths of 6 MALLARD DUCKS which had wardered into the oil pits! I was originally from BROOKLYN and I wouldn’t know a Mallard Duck if it flew into me!  (I told you this would NOT be easy reading)!

THE POSSIBLE PENALTY: Thousands of dollars in fines and PRISON TIME!!! (ok — you don’t believe me!  Check it out in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, sec. A, page 16)

THE RULING (THANK GOD): District Judge Daniel Phoebe, ruled AGAINST the Obama Justice Department! He stated the obvious! This incident was “an incidental, and unintended DEATH occurring during legal activities.”

MY INTERPRETATION: In the mind of President Obama, anything to do with oil or any fossil fuel is considered BAD and must be stopped! Why else would the Justice Department NOT prosecute any of the 35,000 reported bird deaths incidentally caused by the Wind Mill Industry?

There is a deep, conviction, an almost spiritual one, for alternative energy.

Forget the downside –

  • Batteries are impractical and can’t be disposed of
  • The cost and energy produced by windmills account for a tiny fraction of the total energy production and are totally not cost productive
  • This industry is tainted with scandal and cheating (Solyndra is just the beginning)
  • Global Warming MAY (for those liberals who read my “rants”- I said MAY) NOT have a man -made cause! Therefore, they better accelerate their agenda before it could be totally disproven!

If I am still alive after The Obama Years, I truly believe that in spite of all of their attempts to

  • Spend us into financial ruin
  • Ignore our Constitutional rights and freedoms
  • Cause antagonism, distrust and outright hatred for ANYONE who disagrees with them
  • And, last but not least, launch a crusade of divide and conquer (rich vs poor, patient vs Doctor, home owner vs banks, client vs Insurance Co., tax payers vs unions, citizens vs teachers, voters vs politicians, the list is endless)

In spite of all of this, my beloved  America will get through it and will be a much stronger country! Read more:Greenpocrisy and subsidies