The Donald Trump Phenomena And Another Crazy Rape Story


Donald Trump has taken on the John McCain war hero story, illegal immigration, Common Core, rape allegations and the nuclear deal. He has beaten down every accusation that was meant to destroy him and the attacks come from both sides of the aisle. So far it’s not working.

On Tuesday, John Kerry admitted that, yeah, Iran can kill Americans and Israelis under the nuclear deal but our government is going to monitor it.

Trump was on Greta Van Susteren’s show Tuesday night and said he doesn’t know what’s wrong with Kerry and Obama. Maybe they’re not bright he conjectured.

Greta asked Trump why Kerry allowed a 24-day grace period before inspections of nuclear sites and why they like the recently signed Iranian nuclear empowerment agreement.

He replied, “I don’t know, maybe they’re not bright. I mean, I’ve watched Kerry negotiating and I’ve said to people, ‘Is he bright? Is he an intelligent man?’ Maybe they’re not bright, there’s something wrong with them.”

The Daily Beast has been trying to destroy Trump but everything they and the rest of the media throw at him falls flat or helps Trump. Their rape story is a prime example.

Ivana came out quickly to say he never raped her, she cares for him deeply and thinks he’d make a “great president.”

Rolling Stone made up the University of Virginia rape story and they are continuing the debunked Trump rape story.

Rolling Stone came out with a deceitful story Wednesday trying to tie Trump to Bill Cosby and the faux anti-man rape culture movement.

Why don’t they tie him to accused rapist Bill Clinton? When Rand Paul rightfully did, he was attacked viciously and he didn’t get much support from the right either. Fox News put on contributors and at least one anchor who said Paul shouldn’t bring up the distant past, especially since it’s not Hillary’s fault.

Hillary beat down any women who made the claim but somehow that doesn’t matter.

Leftists think an invented story about Donald Trump being a rapist is fine but a true story about Bill being a sexual predator while claiming he’s a supporter of women is verboten.

Trump is opposed to Common Core and has said he’d like to know why Jeb Bush wants D.C. to educate our kids.

In his interview with Greta, he noted that the United States ranks twenty-fifth in education behind even some third-world nations.

Trump believes he would beat Obama and his anointed one, Hillary Clinton.

Obama said recently, while in Africa, that he’d beat Trump and all candidates if he ran for a third term, which, hopefully, is not a trial balloon. José Serrano did put a bill in to change the 22nd Amendment though it’s going nowhere.

Trump is honest and has adopted the idea that we can and must change America. Because of that he’s picking up steam no matter what the media does.

Trump ended the interview with Greta saying this next election isn’t about getting nice leadership, although he considers himself to be a nice person, it’s about leadership. And if we don’t get the leadership we need, we’re in big trouble.

No one knows what to do with Trump. Left and right keep mindlessly repeating that he’s “taking up all the oxygen in the room”. What they should do is ask why. The answer they’d get is because he has something to say.

There’s a story out now in the New York Times and CNN that the media hopes will gain traction because it talks about Trump getting angry over his lawyer talking about “breast milk” years ago. They’re really reaching.

I’m not trying to support Trump at all as a presidential candidate but I definitely support his attempt to speak honestly and with courage about issues of concern to Americans. A lot of candidates use polished political-speak straight out of their ivory towers. People are sick of it.

We’re desperate for the truth and courageous leaders.

Interestingly, Trump sounded the alarm in 1988.