Drones That Steal From Your Phones Coming Soon



Photo Credit: CNN

Great news, even your smartphone could now be the target of hackers. One ethical hacker, Glenn Wilkinson, built a drone that can steal the contents of your  smartphone if your wifi is turned on. If it’s not on, it can trick it to turn on.

The drone can see your home address, your user name, passwords, social media accounts, credit card numbers, everything, from a small drone with the cute little name of “Snoopy.”

Wilkinson only builds these things to make people aware of the dangers.

Snoopy takes advantage of a feature built into all smartphones and tablets: When mobile devices try to connect to the Internet, they look for networks they’ve accessed in the past.

“Their phone will very noisily be shouting out the name of every network its ever connected to,” Sensepost security researcher Glenn Wilkinson said. “They’ll be shouting out, ‘Starbucks, are you there?…McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi, are you there?”

That’s when Snoopy can send back a signal pretending to be networks you’ve connected to in the past. Devices two feet apart could both make connections with the quadcopter, each thinking it is a different, trusted Wi-Fi network. When the phones connect to the drone, Snoopy will intercept everything they send and receive.