Egypt Parliament Dissolved by Supreme Court Judges Appointed by Mubarek

Judges in Egypt’s Supreme Court, who were appointed by Hosni Mubarek, have dissolved the democratically elected Parliament. They determined that Mubarak’s former prime minister, Ahmed Shafiq, can participate in the presidential runoff this weekend.

The power struggle between the Muslim Brotherhood and the supreme council of the armed forces (Scaf)is now front and center. The Brotherhood’s power base was in the Parliament.

Without a Parliament, the generals have a clear path to victory and what many fear is a Mubarek-style government. Opponents of the Brotherhood fear that they intend to turn Egypt into an Islamic state with fewer freedoms.

The Muslim Brotherhood said this action by the Supreme Court is equivalent to a coup and they are determined to bring people into the streets to reverse the decision.

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Sara Noble

Sara Noble

Sara Noble, B.A. English Literature, St. John's University; M.S. Education, M.A. Administration, Hofstra University. World traveler. Worked with children as a teacher and school administrator for three decades. Published in educational journals, children's mystery magazines, and was an editor at This Week Magazine. I am devoted to an America that promotes free enterprise and ingenuity, values the Constitution as intended, and does not encourage a nanny state under the casuistic banner of "the common good".