Egypt Votes for Chains

Muslims Attacking Christians in Alexandria

With the Salafis overtaking Alexandria and with the Muslim Brotherhood, the only organized political group, the results of the Egyptian elections will undoubtedly mimic those of Gaza. The difference is that the secular party will run second to the Brotherhood and ahead of the Salafists.

According to Reuters , the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party expects to receive 40% of the allocated seats. 

The Al-Nour Party, one of several newly formed ultra-conservative Salafi Islamist groups, said during the voting that it would pick up at least 70 seats in the new assembly.

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis recently went into neighborhoods to help the poor and to win their votes, much as Hezbollah did before the Gaza election. It worked. One young Egyptian in Alexandra said that the secular party had no ads but the Salafis are everywhere and they are “good, clean people.”

Tunisia and Morocco have been taken over by Islamists who claim to be moderates and Egypt will follow suit today as results pour in. The exact makeup of the government will not be decided until January.

The one thing that is clear is that Islamists will abide by Sharia Law. What form that Sharia Law will take is unknown but an intelligent guess can be made. Both groups claim they are moderates, but what we call moderates and they call moderates are not the same thing. Certainly, freedom of religion and women’s rights are in danger once Sharia Law is implemented.

The cries by some to abolish the Egypt-Israeli pace and to declare war on Israel can be heard in the not very distant background.

The Muslim Brotherhood claims they are not to be feared and that they plan to end corruption and start reform and economic development. They further state they won’t force women to wear headscarves or ban alcohol. The Salafis also claim to be moderates.

Islamists have been known to follow an Alinsky style approach that involves deceit because their elite know what is best for the masses. In other words, they lie because the end justifies the means. Hillary and Barack supported the Brotherhood so let’s see who is right, hopefully they are.

I have prepared some research that might say otherwise and I hope it turns out to be inaccurate. A warning from an Egyptian and here: Salafists to rule Alexandria