Elbert Lee Guilroy Is Wrong


My friend Gary Spina – who writes for the Independent Sentinel at times – sent the following message to me and I want to know what you think about his comments. Is he right? Are we done?

I have personally been disillusioned listening to Republican commercials about the Senate immigration bill. Their claims don’t match the reality of the bill. It’s been an amazing revelation and I don’t mean that in a good way.

Republicans need to articulate an agenda but they don’t need to become Democrats and they had better not lie.

Are any of these politicians looking out for us? We need to make the Republicans do the right thing. We mustn’t betray Elbert Lee Guillory.

That is not meant to take away from the impressive Senator Guillory. I want the Republican Party to be what Elbert Lee Guillory expects it to be. Will they do the right thing by the people?

by Gary Spina

Click on ““Why I Am a Republican.”  It sounds good — but this black man is wrong.  The Republican Party he’s talking about is in the distant past.  Modern Republicans are just as slimy and despicable as their Democrat counterparts.  I should say their colleagues not counterparts — because ideologically they are not “counter” to anything the Democrats favor.  They all revel in power.  They are all corrupt.  Even the Tea Party phonies like Marco Rubio change their stripes once they are elected.

I could go down the long list of GOP candidates who openly, shamelessly lied to get elected and are now just collecting their pay and screwing the people.  Boehner, Cantor, Toomey, Flake, Ryan — all of them, all the way down the list — along with every Democrat.  There is not one honest Democrat, not one honest Republican except maybe — just maybe — Rand Paul — and I don’t trust him either.

Are there no longer any honest, intelligent men and women whom we can elect to higher office?  Maybe not since George Washington.

America is gone.  You tell me what we must do — cause everything I can think of ain’t working… not as long as Americans are lazy and stupid and Godless.

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