EPA Shuts Down Hess Refinery in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Devastating Their Economy


The EPA or, as I like to fondly call them, the Environmental Proletariat Administration, and the DOJ brought about the upcoming closure of the Hess refinery in the Virgin Islands because of their insane regulations and unnecessary fines. Why would Obama’s EPA care about the poor people of St. Croix especially since they are non-union.

The oil refinery made it possible for the cruise ships to fill up inexpensively so expect those cruises to get more expensive.

Hovensa LLC is set to shut Virgin Islands oil refinery owned by Hess Corp. and Venezuela’s PDVSA in St. Croix. The closure will cause a rise in fuel prices. The refinery accounted for 85% of the territory’s petroleum products.

“It’s devastating,” Senator Sammuel Sanes said. “It was something I suspected was going to happen, but of course it took me by surprise. On a personal level it affects many people in my family. I have many in my family working for Hovensa.

It will affect nearly 2,000 workers and will strike a severe blow to the economy of the U.S. Virgin Islands. More people on the unemployment lines for no good reason.

Gov. John de Jongh described the loss of the territory’s largest private employer as “a complete body blow” for the U.S. territory of about 108,000 people. Read here: Daily Finance

The company line is they cannot compete with the modern refineries being built in India, China and the Middle East.”

What the media either doesn’t report or puts almost as a footnote at the end of its articles is that the company was forced by the EPA and DOJ to invest $700 million into the enterprise on pollution controls after a series of chemical releases affected people living downwind from the refinery (they didn’t like the odor or were the really affected is the question).

Hovensa also agreed to pay a $5.4 million penalty for violating the Clean Air Act . Why the fines? If a company is told and they correct it, why do they also have to pay outlandish fines?

The Clean Air Act is being abused in our territories now. This refinery couldn’t compete with China and India because of our Clean Air Act regulations. The EPA can do pretty much anything it wants under this act because of its broad wording.

The island needs to sell the plant or their economy will not survive and De Jongh has asked the EPA to to ease sulfur content restrictions so they can quickly contract a new supplier. De Jongh said he will also ask Hovensa officials if they are interested in selling the facility.

“I cannot afford to have an asset of that size sitting there,” he said.

Closing refineries, not allowing new refineries or nuclear plants, disallowing fracking, refusing to move ahead with Keystone XL, crushing the Trans-Alaska pipeline, proceeding with the war on coal, moving ahead with failing solar enterprises – all this adds up to a deliberate effort by this President to destroy all fossil fuel development in this country.

He is forcing us to depend even more on enemy foreign oil. Obama is ideologically insane.

Obama – gas prices are going up, “get used to it” – he fails to mention that reduced consumption is in large part to the failed economy and higher gas prices.

Obama on his fossil fuel war – “prices will necessarily skyrocket” –