Examining the Claim That White Americans Are the Biggest Terrorist Threats


You might have heard the claim that white Americans are the biggest terrorist threat in the United States, not Muslims. There are studies to back it up, only the studies are manipulated. It’s a line that has been repeated by our government and in the media. CAIR makes the claim regularly.

When they do put white terrorists out as the real problem in society, they often include a photo like the one above with a white extremist sporting a confederate flag belt buckle.

According to a study done by the New America Foundation in June 2015, white Americans are the biggest threat in the U.S., killing more people in attacks than Muslims or any other group POST 9/11. The study ignored the nearly 3,000 lives lost and the many others injured on 9/11.

The study claims the terrorists are as American as apple pie, like Amwar al Awalaki, and in a number of cases they are including second generation Muslims as Americans.If you go to the section labeled ‘Who Are the Terrorists?’, and scroll to the bottom, download the dataset, almost every name is an Arab name, probably Muslim.

The list includes 396 names but many of the Muslims are Americans and appear to be included in the ‘white American’ category.

Don’t forget that refugees and asylum seekers can become citizens just by living here for five years.

A reddit user analyzed the data and his analysis looks accurate. What he found was a white who killed three in a domestic dispute is on a par with the Boston bombers who only killed four, though they wounded 170. Anti-police whites are on the list but disaffected black killers are not except for the Dallas police killer.

A "recent study reveals" that "White Americans" have committed more acts of terror post 9/11 than Muslim immigrants. It’s true. But there’s a catch… from The_Donald

The study and the way it is portrayed in the media is misleading. The study includes every act of violence, even deadly domestic calls, robberies, ambushes on police and puts them in with actual terrorist attacks on churches, synagogues, police stations and abortion clinics. They include white attacks on police but ignore all black ones except the one in Dallas. Then they count the attacks that ended in death. The Boston bomber only succeeded in killing four people.

How many other studies are as misleading?