The Sentinel Welcomes Dell Hill As Sara Noble’s Co-Blogger


The Independent Sentinel welcomes Dell Hill, an accomplished writer who will co-blog with Sara Noble.

We are most fortunate to have Mr. Hill join us. He co-wrote with Jane Jamison on until we lost her so sadly at too young an age. Mr. Hill continues her admirable and fearless fight for our country. That fight is at the core of what drives the Independent Sentinel.

The Independent Sentinel is one of many right-leaning but independent news blogs that strives to keep the American Dream alive. We want all Americans living in a united America that provides opportunity, not enslavement to government; we want a government that protects and secures our nation; a government that lends a helping hand up not down; and says to each American that you can be the best YOU if you work for it because there will never be another YOU.

It’s not about the collective, it’s about the individual working alone and/or with a collective if they choose to do so. That is what will benefit ALL of mankind for generations to come. I want to be able to say as I utter my last breath, “I made a difference for others.” That is what the Sentinel is about.

Dell Hill is a remarkable person whose life has been one of selfless service to his nation.

He served his country in the armed forces during wartime, is an officer in the local American Legion Post, and an officer in the local Veterans of Foreign Wars mens auxiliary. He is an avid outdoors-men, particularly enjoying fishing, hunting and biking. He served his nation in law enforcement for many years.

Dell has run his own successful blog called “Dells Bottom Line” and will write under that title on the Sentinel.

The Independent Sentinel is fortunate that Mr. Hill has joined us. He is truly a Renaissance man.

Mr. Hill’s byline is The Right Idea and the Sentinel’s is Right on the Issues.