Hillary Gave Up the Reason She Will Be Exonerated of Wrongdoing


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Hillary said during the debate on MSNBC Thursday evening that she has no concerns about the emails “whatsoever.” It’s just a “security review” and if they review her, they’ll have to go after a lot of others including Republicans because we have this ridiculous situation of “retroactive classification”, she bellowed.

That’s how she will be exonerated – by saying everyone does it.

Rep. Chris Stewart of Utah told Fox News Wednesday that when it comes to Hillary’s emails, he has “never read anything so secret” even though he sits on a committee that handles top secret information. He also can’t imagine how anyone could read them and not realize they are “highly classified”.

Rep. Stewart has never read anything more “sensitive” and they do “reveal classified methods, they do reveal classified sources, and they do reveal human assets.”

During the debate, Hillary referred to information discussed at a House hearing today that wasn’t new information though Hillary said it was.

Elijah Cummings claimed during the Thursday hearing that other secretaries of state did the same thing Hillary Clinton did.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell and aides to his successor Condoleezza Rice (that’s aides, not Ms. Rice) both received 12 classified emails on personal email accounts, the top Democrat on a key congressional oversight panel said on Thursday.

House Oversight Committee ranking Democrat Elijah Cummings said the disclosures about the emails were made by the State Department’s Inspector General, who is reviewing email practices of five previous secretaries of state.

An inspector general probe of the email practices of five previous secretaries of state had uncovered evidence that 12 emails containing classified information that surfaced among the private records of Colin Powell and the “immediate staff” of Condoleezza Rice.

Cummings said two of the classified emails were sent to Powell’s private email address and the other 10 were sent to Rice’s staff, according to a letter Cummings sent to Secretary of State John Kerry Thursday.

Republican leadership doesn’t want a probe if Politico is to be believed. This week, former Republican representative Eric Cantor was implicated as well.

Cummings questioned why congressional Republicans had “singled out” Clinton for her private email use while Powell and Rice, both secretaries of state under a Republican president, had also received unmarked classified information.

Neither Rice nor Powell received Top Secret emails and the bottom line is they didn’t set up a separate server to receive all classified emails in order to evade FOIA. They didn’t send them to Sidney Blumenthal either, a man without security clearance. Their 12 emails, compared to Hillary’s 1600 so far, were mistakes. They didn’t delete half of them to cover their tracks.

Elijah Cummings set up a straw man on Thursday in a letter in which he said, “Last night, we were informed by the State Department Inspector General that former Secretary Colin Powell and the immediate staff of former Secretary Condoleezza Rice received classified national security information on their personal email accounts. The emails apparently had no classification markings, and it remains unclear whether the information in the emails was or should have been considered classified at the time it was sent.”

“Based on this new revelation, it is clear that the Republican investigations are nothing more than a transparent political attempt to use taxpayer funds to target the Democratic candidate for president,” Cummings added.

Inspectors General are watchdogs not partisans.

This is the case they will make to free Hillary of charges.


  1. None of the other Secretaries of State specifically set up a private email server to avoid scrutiny. What she did was illegal and she knows it, if she’s not insane.

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